Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Comfy Horn Strap

Hello, I'm Valerie. Welcome to my Comfy Horn Strap blog. I originally designed my horn strap to meet my personal needs as a horn player with small hands. I wanted something with the following features:

  • relieves left pinky of weight bearing to reduce hand fatigue & cramping
  •  non-bulky
  •  strong & secure
  •  soft, absorbent, washable (100% cotton)
  •  fully adjustable to fit different horns
  •  fits inside case w/o needing to be removed  for storage
  •  no need for professional installation, no damage to my horn, no need to remove the "pinky hook" from my horn

Since I first designed the Comfy Horn strap for my own needs, I have learned that many kids and men like using it, too.

Happy Strappy
Gold Embroidery, Classic
I've enjoyed adding a "designer" line of Comfy Horn straps. Pictured here, left, is my latest design with gold embroidery. Other design choices shown below. Four more designs--Happy Strappy, Old Sheet Music, Embroidery Classic, silver sparkly & Embroidery Hearts--are also available & pictured on this page. If you would like a special custom strap design, let me know, I'd love to make it for you. I can do school colors & a few sports team logos. Scroll down for close up pictures.

  • The second, third, fourth, etc. strap in the same order will be discounted $4.00.  
  • Shipping is $4.00 in the USA.  $15.00 to countries outside the USA.  
  • Prices quoted here are in US dollars. Email me for itemized invoice that will give prices in your country.  My email address is below. 
  • Old Sheet Music
  • Comfy Horn Strap designs pictured from top to bottom: Basic Black, Pink Kitty,     Silver Stars, Paws/Red, Paws/White, Ladybug, Animal, Pink Zebra, Purple Tiger, Camo        

Embroidery, Hearts

  To order:

Step 1. Email me how many of what style Comfy horn straps you want & which country you live in.  ValerieW78"at"Gmail"dot"com  
(For a proper email address replace "at" with @ and "dot" with a period)

Step 2. I send you an invoice.

Step 3.  You pay the invoice. (credit card, PayPal, check or money order US banks, etc.)

Step 4. I ship your Comfy Horn Strap. 

Happy horn playing!  
Valerie  Wells
Kacee, fleece lined
Kacee wrote on FaceBook: "I am so excited! I love how it came out!"   [Kacee designed her horn strap by going to the fabric store, selecting a beautiful print & mailing it to me to incorporate into a Comfy Horn Strap.  She wanted a gray cushy lining but not Sherpa, so I lined it with dove gray fleece.  If anyone else wants a Kacee strap, I have enough fabric leftover to make three more.]  
Lindsay's adaptation
Your custom strap arrived today, mere minutes ago. I have been giddily moving the standard one that arrived yesterday to my daughter's Conn and putting the perfect blue trimmed on on my Holton.

You'll see that I have a huge Clebsch strap mount poking through the Comfy Strap on my horn. In my quest for better left hand support, I had a Clebsch strap installed before I realized that the straight line design meant that it aligned with the former pinky support, canted off the valve side of the horn rather than straight up top. Oops! That put the strap across all my left knuckles and made for impossible fingerings. Happily, two quick small holes in the Comfy strap and no visits to the instrument shop are needed. I think it all looks as fine as it feels.

Thank you again for the fast customization, Valerie. I am immensely happy and look forward to practice and rehearsal today more than usual.

I first put the band of your strap around the horn tubing just lower than the mounting boss, as if the boss were a pinky ring. That was a bit too far down for my hand to play the keys well, so I did try securing it over the top of the boss next. The Clebsch boss is around 2 cm high, I found, and the strap did not feel secure. 

I ended up using a leather punch to put a small round hole in both ends of the band, where they overlapped the mounting boss. I hated to do that on my new strap, but as it happens it works out perfectly.

I think just one small hole in the first part of the band lying nearest the horn tube (the hooks side of the hook and loop fabric) might have worked, but it looks cleaner with both parts of the band together.

I know this way goes against the huge advantage of not having to modify the horn with your strap, but it also shows the versatility of your design even on modified horns.
Maia's strap w/ sherpa
Hi Mrs. Wells, Maia loves the strap and it works wonderfully... Maia could tell as soon as she played with it that her sound was more open and her embouchure was better. It relieved the tension immediately. It really has made a huge difference in her playing. Her fingers are long and now she has correct placement on the keys and no hindrance for fingerings. Thank you for an amazing strap!

I also want to let you know that we are band directors at a high school. We are buying the next 3 straps for the rest of the horn section since they tried Maia's and noticed a great difference for them too. 
--Carie Olsen
Old Sheet Music,Joseph Scott's horn
I’ve been playing with the Sherpa strap for a couple of weeks now. It’s great, gives wonderful soft support to those sore knuckles. I’m so happy to have this strap, makes playing so much more comfortable. Thanks, Val.
Hi Valerie, my comfy strap has arrived and I'm in love with it! Ultra soft, comfy and fits my older vintage horn well with your design, as I hoped, pic included😀 Thanks ever so much!  I'm a very happy, relaxed hornplayer now.  😊  Joseph Scott
From: "Donald Krause" 
Date: Mar 1, 2016 7:00 AM
Sold two more last night --- they are getting to be the hottest thing since sliced bread-- every one trying one will not give it back . And the guy that had an issue with the other one (spent $40 for the other one that never did work) put yours on and said this is great.  Senior in high doing Morceau de Concert in contest this Saturday .. said the chart plays even easier now.. how about that !!Don
Embroidery Hearts w/ Sherpa
"Need to get two more already !! Same as the other three.. Hate it when we have success--- put it on a 7th grade horn student yesterday at her lesson -- now get this -- with it on she had one sound-- when we took it off , she had another sound-- proof is in the pudding-- she had much more relaxed open sound with it on instead of the pinched sound with it off and I really looked very close to her embouchure to try to figure out the difference  and I could not see anything but could hear the difference -- thought you might get  a kick out of hearing that . 

It did arrive, and I love it! It's name speaks truthfully. Thank you so much! 

Mary Wadell
BM Instrumental Music Education

I want to let you know we received the strap in the mail yesterday (local USPS is fast, isn’t it!).  It’s lovely, and my son is very happy with it.  The strap makes a positive difference, especially while standing.  Thank you, again.  :)

-Kate Lowney  (11/4/15)
2 great big thumbs up! Thanks so much!

Linda Weiler
Silver Sparkly
Hello Again Valerie!  Just wanted to send a quick thank you from my daughter Elizabeth. She is loving the pink zebra comfy strap more each day and says it is helping a great deal especially with hand fatigue when practicing for longer periods than she usually does. Thanks for brightening the musical future of one more child!

Take Care,
Matt Walter

Hello Valerie;
I hope everything is going fine for you. I am very happy with your horn strap. It really relieved my little finger. I would like to order another one. It's for my teacher.
Thank you.  James Phan
Love the Comfy Strap! Thanks a bunch!
Sam Marks


Thank you for the prompt service!  Love the straps! 
~April Strong

Hello Valerie, I purchased a Comfy Horn Strap from you last summer for my son.  He finally started using it this fall, and he LOVES it.  He puts it on over top of the leather horn wrap.

I purchased an old (1953) Conn 6D off of Craig's list... to use as a back-up horn. I need to purchase another Comfy Horn Strap so that each horn will have its own.    Thank you again.

Regards, Joyce Rolls
One of my students bought a horn strap this month.  Works like a charm!  ~Jennifer Cogburn Seago 
Comfy Waggie Strap
Hello Valerie,  Just to let you know that the horn strap arrived last Wednesday 15th October. Aliah has tried it out and really likes it. It does take the strain off her hand and pinky (even when she does use the finger hook). It removes any weight pressure from her individual fingers.
Best wishes ~Jane Hussain
Dear Ms. Wells, So I absolutely love my horn strap! It is perfect and working wonderfully for all of my playing!   Sincerely, Jessica Henkle
Jill Brown posted on Yahoo Horn May 24, 2011:
I've been meaning to let everyone know how great Valerie's horn strap really is:  
I was having some intense left hand/wrist pain in December and wrote the list to ask for help.  I ended guying a Comfy Horn Strap from Valerie and it has solved my left-hand-pain problem.  I also purchased a commercially available strap from another website, and when it came I was really disappointed by how scratchy the material was- it was commercial grade plastic strapping.  Valerie's strap is soft, completely adjustable, and had enabled me to successfully transition to off-leg playing with a new horn after 30+ years of playing on the leg.
Paws on white

Purple Tiger
I don't know Valerie or have any professional relationship with her, so no disclaimers are necessary. ~Jill
Hi Valerie, I've had my Comfy Horn Strap for a year now and it is holding up very well to the demands of orchestral life, no stretching or loose stitches.  It does the job it's supposed to do, and as a bonus protects the horn without cutting vibrations as some hand guards do.  Simple, to the point, and comfy! Thanks again.
Valerie -  I have used your strap for a couple of years (I think), and LOVE it.  It has reduced a lot of tension in my left hand, arm, and shoulder.  I've also recommended it to several of my students who have since purchased and used the strap with great success and happiness.  I'd like to order 2 more straps from you...  Thanks so much!
~Melissa Morey, Horn Teacher & Performer
I love the Comfy Strap you made just for my Paxman!! ~ Mary Phllips
Eva's design for a custom strap
Just wanted you to know that your horn straps has helped relieve my shoulderMobile tightness.  Instead of my shoulder muscles tightening up, the strap puts more pressure on my hand.  And this saves me having to pay to have a duck foot attached to my horn.  Thank you! 
Hi Valerie, just a quick message to say the Comfy Strap arrived in good time and has been in constant use - I love it! My friend is interested in buying one. 

~Rachel Emerson Ampleforth, North Yorkshire
Pink Kitty

Paws on Red


Silver Stars
KaCee's design
Lindsay's design