Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Comfy Horn Strap (updated 9/16/14)

Hello and welcome to my Comfy Horn Strap blog. I originally designed my horn strap to meet my needs as a horn player with small hands. I wanted something with the following features:

  • relieves left pinky of weight bearing reducing hand fatigue & cramping
  •  non-bulky
  •  strong & secure
  •  soft, absorbent, washable (100% cotton twill)
  •  fully adjustable to fit different horns
  •  fits inside case w/o needing to be removed for storage
  •  no need for professional installation, no damage to my horn, no need to remove the "pinky hook" from my horn

After experimenting with various designs, I came up with the final design and fabric shown above. I began sharing these with my female horn playing friends and my middle school horn students a few years ago. Everyone who uses them likes them. I decided to test market them at the International Horn Symposium in San Francisco in June of 2011 in conjunction with my Balanced Embouchure exhibit. I was pleased to sell quite a few and see that half of my horn strap customers were men since no men had used my strap before.  I was also pleased to see that my strap fit every hand and every horn it was tried on.  (As of July 2014, there have only been three Comfy Horn straps out of over 300 that have needed modification.)

Pictured to the right is a Comfy Waggie strap I made for Sandra McColl's Wagner tuba in Australia. 

  • One Comfy Horn strap is $25.00.
  • One Comfy Waggie strap (for Wagner tuba) is $25.00.   
  • Additional Comfy Horn or Comfy Waggie straps are $20.00 each.
  • Shipping is $4.00 in the USA, $6.00 in other countries.   

Those who purchase a Comfy Horn strap at the same time as The Balanced Embouchure for Horn, receive a $5.00 discount & save $3 to $5 on shipping. 
I accept PayPal, major credit cards, and personal checks from US banks. I cheerfully accept returns for a refund or modification.  (It is NOT necessary to have a PayPal account to pay through PayPal.  PayPal accepts major credit cards as well as other methods.  It varies from area to area.) (Retailers & schools inquire about volume order discounts.)
To order, email me at: ValerieW78 "at" Gmail "dot" com.  

Happy horn playing! 
Valerie  Wells

Thank you for the prompt service!  Love the straps!
~April Strong

Hello Valerie, I purchased a Comfy Horn Strap from you last summer for my son.  He finally started using it this fall, and he LOVES it.  He puts it on over top of the leather horn wrap.

I purchased an old (1953) Conn 6D off of Craig's list... to use as a back-up horn. I need to purchase another Comfy Horn Strap so that each horn will have its own.    Thank you again.

Regards, Joyce Rolls
One of my students bought a horn strap this month.  Works like a charm! 
~Jennifer Cogburn Seago 
Hello Valerie,  Just to let you know that the horn strap arrived last Wednesday 15th October. Aliah has tried it out and really likes it. It does take the strain off her hand and pinky (even when she does use the finger hook). It removes any weight pressure from her individual fingers.
Best wishes 
~Jane Hussain
Dear Ms. Wells, So I absolutely love my horn strap! It is perfect and working wonderfully for all of my playing!   Sincerely, Jessica Henkle
Jill Brown posted on Yahoo Horn May 24, 2011:
I've been meaning to let everyone know how great Valerie's horn strap really is: 
I was having some intense left hand/wrist pain in December and wrote the list to ask for help.  I ended guying a Comfy Horn Strap from Valerie and it has solved my left-hand-pain problem.  I also purchased a commercially available strap from another website, and when it came I was really disappointed by how scratchy the material was- it was commercial grade plastic strapping.  Valerie's strap is soft, completely adjustable, and had enabled me to successfully transition to off-leg playing with a new horn after 30+ years of playing on the leg.

I don't know Valerie or have any professional relationship with her, so no disclaimers are necessary. 
Hi Valerie, I've had my Comfy Horn Strap for a year now and it is holding up very well to the demands of orchestral life, no stretching or loose stitches.  It does the job it's supposed to do, and as a bonus protects the horn without cutting vibrations as some hand guards do.  Simple, to the point, and comfy! Thanks again.
~Rebecca Holsinger
Valerie -  I have used your strap for a couple of years (I think), and LOVE it.  It has reduced a lot of tension in my left hand, arm, and shoulder.  I've also recommended it to several of my students who have since purchased and used the strap with great success and happiness.  I'd like to order 2 more straps from you...  Thanks so much!
~Melissa Morey
 Horn Teacher & Performer
I love the Comfy Strap you made just for my Paxman!!
~Mary Phillips
Just wanted you to know that your horn straps has helped relieve my shoulderMobile tightness.  Instead of my shoulder muscles tightening up, the strap puts more pressure on my hand.  And this saves me having to pay to have a duck foot attached to my horn.  Thank you! 
Hi Valerie, just a quick message to say the Comfy Strap arrived in good time and has been in constant use - I love it! My friend is interested in buying one. 

~Rachel Emerson 
Ampleforth, North Yorkshire